Your Foot Is​.​.​.​Where?

by Sleeping Berries Three



released August 13, 2012



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Sleeping Berries Three La Crosse, Wisconsin

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Track Name: Aaron Rodgers Tribute Song (I Could Be Your Jordy)
Aaron Rodgers Sitton in a tree
Touchdown passes to my boy Tom Crabtree (who?)

The boys are over and the wieners are out
The pigskin's flyin', John brought sauerkraut
Time for Terry, Howie, Jimmy to tell us what it's all about

Snow is falling, Aaron's calling plays today. And we're underway

Aaron, Aaron, we all sing your glory
Aaron, Aaron, I could be your Jordy...Nelson

M - is for my gosh he's good
V - very, very, very, very good
P - he'll pass a pass to me
That stands for MVP,
my people can't you see?

That he's got more yards rushing than I've got in my yards
He's got more yards passing than I've got in my yard
He's got less yards receiving than I've got in my yard
'Cuz he's a quarterback
And I've got a big yard

Lambeau leaping, Bears fans weeping
Aaron's buying beer for us all!

Aaron, Aaron, we all sing your glory
Aaron, Aaron, I could be your Jordy...

Your Greg Jennings
Your JerMichael Finley
Your James Jones (I wish he didn't drop so many passes)
Your Donald Driver (He was pretty funny in that snack wrap commercial)

Your Ryan Grant (Ever since that injury he hasn't quite been the same)
Your Alex Green (You threw him a six yard pass once)
Your John Kuhn (Kuuuuuuuhn)
Your BJ Raji (Remember that time when you gave him a handoff and he scored a touchdown?)

Your Tom Crabtree (Not bad for a 3rd string tight end)
Your Randall Cobb (Maybe he should stick to punt returns)
Your James Starks, Your Andrew Quarless
Your Brandon Saine, Your DJ Williams (He plays for the Packers?)

I strap my cheesehead on and rip my camo off
And show my hairy chest to Lambeau
I got my Johnsonville brat and my G-force towel,
and the people scream Go Pack Go!

And when God made earth, he made the Packers first
and on the 7th day when he rested
Aaron played football
While Brett just watched

Aaron, I just want you know that if my test scores were as high as your passer rating, then my test scores would be, well, 127.7, which is on pace to be the highest single season passer rating for a quarterback, ever. Nice work.

Aaron, Aaron, we all sing your glory.
Aaron, Aaron, I could be your Jordy,
I could be your Jordy,
I could be your Jordy...